In Memorium 1925-2011
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Glenn Pray died peacefully in his sleep on March 23,2011 in Tulsa Oklahoma at the age of 85.
Born in Rock Ford, Colorado in December 1925, Mr. Pray, a Tulsa Oklahoma school teacher became the youngest president of an American automobile company when he purchased the Auburn, Cord, Deusenberg Company in 1960 from businessman Dallas Winslow. In the years to follow, Mr. Pray resurected the Auburn and Cord monikers by creating modernized versions of the legendary Cord Sportsman and the Auburn Speedster. He is also credited for creating the beautiful Auburn Dual-cowl Pheaton. His attention to detail combined with his genius for design and engineering make his Auburn and Cord automobiles highly prized and sought-after by collectors and automobile enthusiasts around the world.

Glenn Pray's life has been chronicled in two books: Glenn Pray - The Man Who Brought Legends To Life - by Josh B. Malks and Glenn Pray - The Untold Stories - by Glenn Pray as told to Cyndie Gardner.

Glenn Pray will be remembered as a visionary, an inventor and innovator, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a pilot and aviator, a car enthusiast, a builder of dreams,a loving father and friend to all. In 2010 Glenn Pray celebrated the 50th anniversary of his purchase of the Auburn, Cord, Deusenberg Company at his beloved "Pickle Factory" in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

For those of us who have had the honor and privilege to meet Glenn Pray, it can only be said that we have lost one of the last true unsung heroes of the automotive world. With his passing, we close a very remarkable chapter of automotive history. Glenn Pray bucked the traditional system by literally making something out of nothing. His skills of making the impossible possible by bartering and trading throughout his long and remarkable life can be best summed up in his own words, "I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left."

Rest in Peace Glenn Pray and thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us all.